A Message For Fathers!


 In the past, what a lot of us were taught was wrong. Not that the person before us purposely taught us something wrong. It’s likely that they grew up in a time where they couldn’t show their emotions, or maybe someone taught them incorrectly. This is something that can pass from generation to generation via peers and even parents.

Gentleman, it's ok to feel how you feel. Its ok to express your emotions when they occur. Suppressing them will only lead to a blow up, as you saw in my situation. A lot of times we hide our emotions because we honestly don’t know how to express them. Sometimes we don’t know how to tell the difference between feels like Anger and Embarrassment. There are other times where the people around us, do not make it comfortable for us to express how we feel as men. Some of us are shamed by our peers and or even our family. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 Yes, as men, it's ok to feel sad and say it. It's ok to feel how you feel, during a heartbreak. Its ok to cry when you feel deep pain.  It's ok to talk about your PTSD from the military or from the street life. It's ok to feel vulnerable, tired, sad, anxious, and other feelings. It just shows that you are human. Yes, my brothers, if you didn’t know, we are human as well ha-ha. We feel emotions just like everyone else and there’s nothing wrong with that.