A Message For Mothers!

As mothers, I invite you to understand the role you play in our lives. As kids, our fathers are our leaders and who we look up too. But our mothers are our best friends and our comfort. You are who we run to when we are scared, sad, upset, and more. Some of the first things we learn as young boys are what we learn from our mothers. You are the first person of influence that we experience, after being born.

 So, I say to you, mothers of the world that have boys. Allow your boys to grow up into strong young men, but at the same time, teach them about the different emotions that he will experience in life. Help him differentiate between each different emotion. Meaning, being able to give a name to each emotion. Teach them that being strong doesn’t mean they have to be emotionless. Teach them that some of the greatest men of all time, knew how to be strong, while expressing his emotions. Give young men a safe environment in which he can express how he feels comfortably, instead of an environment that makes him weak and embarrassed. Nurture both a gentleman and a man that can express his emotions effectively, while still feeling like he’s the man ha-ha.