Shaun J Spencer

PERFORMANCE ANXIETY: How to manage and overcome your anxiety

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"Performance Anxiety" – How to manage and overcome your anxiety

Elevate your performance journey with this amazing short guide to overcoming performance anxiety. Learn about the different types of performance anxieties that exist, what causes them, and exercises to overcome them. Gain a clear understanding of what Performance Anxiety is and the proven methods used by professions to counteract it. This book is a great addition to "The S.P.R.I.N.T Model Guide". 

📖 Book Highlights:

In this book, I cover things such as:

  1. What is Performance Anxiety?
  2. What are the most different types?
  3. What are the different symptoms that occur when an individual is experiencing performance anxiety?
  4. How may

Are you ready to elevate your performance, crush anxiety, and unlock your full potential? This book is your ultimate guide! 🚀

What's Inside:

- 🧠 Master the art of controlling and overcoming performance anxiety.

- 🤝 Learn how to control the symptoms of performance anxiety when it arrives.

- 💪 Strengthen your resilience muscle for unstoppable determination.

- 🌟 Transform your mind to adapt seamlessly to any performance environment.

🎭 Whether you're an athlete aiming for the gold or a singer chasing your dreams on the big stage, this book is your key to success! 🎤🏅

⭐️ Calling all young go-getters and young professionals.  If you're passionate about sports or the performing arts, this guide is just for you.

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