Shaun J Spencer

Chin Up Chest Up (Paperback)

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Chin Up Chest Up: The emotional struggle of a young boy becoming a man

This is the story of a young man that is in a constant battle with his emotions and the ability to express himself. He was raised in both the church and the streets, which is a huge part of his mental struggle and trying to do the right thing. Through the years, he learned to tuck away his emotions and feelings, all in order to survive in the streets. There was no room for sadness, weakness, and tears. He was taught to always stand 10 toes down and with is Chin and Chest Up! Stand strong young man, stand strong.

But what happens when he finally breaks? What happens when the weight of the world finally breaks him, and he begins to embrace a different side of himself. One that he has tried to avoid for many years. That side could destroy him and everyone around him. Eventually he breaks, he decides that the world owes him. and things could get dark.